Aura by A is a small Caboclo/Afro-Brazilian, female owned skincare company created to help people feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin. Alana Archer, the founder of Aura by A has a keen passion for the well-being of her skin which influenced the creation of her brand. People should be able to faultlessly embrace themselves and love the body and skin they’re in. Your appearance is one of the main contributors to your confidence and self-love. Confidence and self-love come from within yourself which then expressed externally. Your Aura is a product of your feelings and your physical state, taking proper care of your mental and physical state is a must to contain your vibrational energy. The products you apply to your skin should matter just as much as the products that you consume. This brand was created to introduce people into an organic and vegan alternative so your skin can intake all the necessary and better nourishments it needs in a way that doesn’t contain chemicals and harsh ingredients. Feed your skin the proper way. Treat your skin kindly and feed it the nutrients it needs. When you look good, you feel good!

  • vegan & organic

    our products do not come from animals and are entirely plant based. we use the best organic and natural ingredients for our products.

  • pet-friendly

    our soaps are safe for use on animals. our honey and oatmeal soap has proven to treat hotspots, eczema and allergies on fur babies.

  • gluten-free

    our products are gluten free, none of our products contain wheat, rye, or barley.

  • non-toxic

    we have clean and safe products only. none of our products have been processed or have additives that are toxic for the body.